Apple Music “Made For You” Empty and Not Showing (SOLVED)

In short: Go to the “Listen Now“ section of Apple Music. Then, scroll down to the ”Made For You“ section. Choose a mix of your choice, then add it to your library. This will populate the “Made For You” section.

The “Made For You” section is a collection of Apple Music mixes that are recommended for you. If you notice that the Apple Music “Made For You” is empty and not showing, here’s what to do.

Populate the “Made For You” section manually

Have you added any new “Made For You” playlists to your library ever since this new feature was introduced on Apple Music? If not, then it’s the reason why the section is empty. 

For example, I have music videos enabled on my Apple Music app, but I don’t have any music videos downloaded, so the music video option just collapses. 

If you notice that the Apple Music “Made For You” section is not showing (empty), you probably just need to add it back to your library. To do this, go to the “Listen Now“ section of Apple Music.

Then scroll down to the ”Made For You“ section. Add one of the mixes like “Workout Mix” or “Chill Mix” to your library and it will populate the “Made For You” section. 

Here’s how manually populate your Apple Music “Made For You” section:

  • Open the Apple Music app.
  • Tap on Listen Now at the very bottom left corner.
  • Scroll down to Made For You. All the mixes should reside there.
  • Choose one of the mixes, like Workout Mix, for example.
  • Tap on the three dots at the top right (next to the check mark).
  • Tap on Add to Library at the very top.
  • This will populate the “Made For You” section.

My understanding is that this section is only reserved for playlists that have been specifically made for you. This would include auto-generated mixes, year-end replays, etc.

So basically the “Made For You” tab will be available in your library once you click the “Listen Now” tab and scroll down to the “Made For You” section, add any one of the albums from there.

Once you add the album the “Made For You” section will not be empty and will show in your library almost immediately. I hope this helps solve your issue. 🙂

There was a time when I wanted to delete a song, but I deleted the entire “Made For You” playlist. After deleting the playlist, I don’t see it in the playlists section.

Thankfully, someone from Apple Support pointed me in the right direction. After navigating to the “Listen Now” section, I was able to add my “Made For You” playlist back to my library.

Just wait for a few hours

Often, apps like Apple Music will experience bugs and errors. This is the case with the “Made For You” section. Some people have reported that it’s not showing randomly.

One minute it was there, the next everything was gone. A few hours later it was back. There were sporadic instances where it would show up and then disappear again.

If the “Made For You” is not showing and is empty, just wait a few hours. It must be an Apple problem since it often happens out of the blue and resolves itself after some time.

I’ve seen posts regarding this and haven’t seen any real answers. Although no one knows for sure why it disappeared in the first place, it often reappears on its own after several hours.

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