Are Hisense TVs Good and Reliable? (Honest Review)

Hisense offers TVs at affordable prices. But are Hisense TVs good and reliable? This article shares my views on the quality of the Hisense TV brand.

Are Hisense TVs good?

Generally, Hisense TVs are very good considering the price. They have bright and colorful picture quality, loud speakers, and light yet sturdy frames.

Let’s break down the components that make Hisense TVs good.

Bright and colorful picture

One of the best things about Hisense TVs is the picture quality. An LED or LCD Hisense TV gives you more pixels and over a billion vivid colors. So, 4K content looks great on them.

Hisense TVs can make standard-definition shows look better. They upscale content to almost 4K quality. Hisense TVs that support Dolby Vision HDR allow you to enjoy bright and colorful pictures when watching shows on apps like Netflix and Disney Plus.

Like other non-OLED TVs, Hisense TVs’ black levels are not “jet black”; LEDs can’t match OLEDs in this. But for a budget-friendly QLED TV, the contrast is decent enough.

Some Hisense TVs also support VRR and ALLM which are great for gaming.

Simple television design

As far as design goes, Hisense TVs are clean and simple. The front of the screen has a floating panel design, giving it an almost borderless look with the Hisense logo in the middle.

There’s also a Dolby Vision logo on the side. I own the 55” Hisense TV model, and it’s surprisingly light. I believe it’s light because it feels like hard plastic, not metal.

The screen is also not a glass screen, which reduces its weight significantly. The lighter materials reduce both weight and cost. However, they can make the TV seem “cheap”.

Hisense TVs are durable despite their thin frame.

While most TVs last between 4 to 10 years, I’ve found that Hisense TVs tend to last about 5 years. The TV stand has two feet on either side, leaving room for a soundbar in the middle.

Overall, Hisense has some nicely designed TVs.

The remote controller and voice control work well

The remote control is functional and does its job. The remote has quick access buttons for some apps. However, it’s light and looks plain. It is, however, easy enough to use.

The input menu lets you view all connected devices. You can also rename the input so you’ll know which is which. Hisense TVs offer voice control with Amazon Alexa and Google Assistant.

I think it’s a great feature to have considering the affordable price.

The speakers are very loud

I’m surprised that my relatively small Hisense TV has very loud speakers. My Hisense TV supports DTS Virtual:X. That’s why the sound is clear and distortion-free.

Most Hisense TVs have EQ adjustments, allowing you to adjust the Bass or toggle Dialog Clarity. This helps find the right sound balance for TV shows.

To illustrate the loudness, I never set the volume above 20 on my Hisense TV; 15 is always enough.

Some Hisense TVs offer eARC support. This lets you connect an AVR or soundbar instead of using the internal speakers. It elevates your viewing experience.

Are Hisense TVs reliable?

Generally, Hisense TVs are fairly reliable. These TVs can last 5 years on average. However, some reports criticize Hisense’s customer service.

Hisense was rated “Fair” by Consumer Reports

Consumer Reports is a non-profit organization that reviews products. It estimates that 20 percent of Hisense TVs will have a problem within the first five years.

Based on its assessment, Consumer Reports rated Hisense as “Fair” in predicted reliability and owner satisfaction. In an emailed response, Hisense said:

“As the fastest-growing TV brand among the top six brands, with defective rates of less than 4 percent, we stand by the quality and longevity of our TVs and are committed to developing products that speak to the premium technology advances consumers demand, regardless of the category of TV they purchase.”

While the findings didn’t specify the types of problems, Consumer Reports asked consumers about issues they faced with their TVs.

The survey showed that customers often complained about Hisense TVs’ streaming apps freezing and slow internet connectivity.

A “Fair” reliability rating doesn’t mean that you’ll definitely get a faulty TV from Hisense. This rating indicates a higher chance of facing a problem within the TV’s first 5 years.

Hisense received several complaints from customers

The Better Business Bureau (BBB) reports many negative reviews for Hisense. Hisense customers often complain about poor customer service.

A customer faced issues connecting a PS5 to a Hisense TV. After two weeks without a solution, a customer commented on Hisense’s customer service:

“Their customer care just says you will get a call back in 24 to 48 hours but with no update. I am very much frustrated with Hisense and would recommend never buying its products because you never know what will go wrong with these cheap products. I am still left with no resolution.”

Hisense customer

I never faced issues with my Hisense TVs, but some people report unprofessional customer service from Hisense. Overall, the reliability of Hisense’s customer service is questionable.

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