Spotify Scroll Bar Gone and Not Working? (SOLVED)

Many Android users have experienced the Spotify scroll bar gone and not working. It has been happening especially after certain software updates of the Spotify app. 

Earlier this week, I had the same issue. I updated my Spotify app on my Android phone, only to find the scroll bar, which I always use to navigate my Liked Songs, gone.

Imagine having thousands of songs on your “Liked Songs” list and you have to scroll manually with your finger for ten minutes just to get to the end or middle of the list.

I think this problem exclusively occurs on the Android version of the Spotify app because the only complaints I’ve found on the internet are from unhappy Android users.

No other operating system reported this issue.

After many hours of research, I’ve discovered that whenever the Spotify scroll bar is gone, it’s because the developer team has decided to take it away.

The developer team is always testing new features and launching improvements via software updates. Often, most of these new features improve the app.

However, whenever they take away the scroll bar, many people hate it.

So if the Spotify scroll bar suddenly went missing or simply not working, understand that it’s not your fault. It’s the developer team that has decided to remove it. Here’s what you can do.

Update your Spotify version to the latest update

As of the time of writing, I’m currently using the Spotify app version on my Android phone. The scroll bar is there on my “Liked Songs” list and working normally.

If your Spotify scroll bar is gone and/or not working, make sure you update to the latest Spotify version on Android. It seems the developer team has fixed the bug on the latest version.

According to this Spotify forum, the issue seems to be fixed on the version onwards. The developer team has announced the scroll bar should be working for everyone.

Install an older version of Spotify

If you’ve installed the latest version of Spotify but the scroll bar is still gone and/or not working, then another workaround is to use an older version of Spotify.

Some time ago, I accidentally updated my Spotify app from version to version Immediately, I lost the scroll bar on my Liked Songs.

So what I did was download an older Spotify APK version and installed it on my Android phone (one update older) and I would get my scroll bar back and work normally. 

However, the problem with that version is the “swipe to queue” feature was missing. 

If you want both the scroll bar and the “swipe to queue” feature, download and install the version. It’s the one I used earlier in 2023 on my Android phone.

You can download the APK version right here. Just keep in mind that Spotify doesn’t recommend downloading from a third party, although this is just a workaround.

Turn off automatic updates

Last but not least, you want to turn off automatic updates once you’ve installed a Spotify version that has a fully functional scroll bar, whether it’s an older version or a newer version.

The reason for doing this is to prevent Google from updating your Spotify app. You never know what improvements the new updates bring, as the scroll bar might be removed.

You can manually update the Spotify app to the latest version once you’ve confirmed that there are no features missing, or there are no bugs in the newest update.

Again, I know this workaround is not ideal, but if you’re someone who values the scroll bar on Spotify, these are the things you can do to keep the feature on the app.

You can restart your Android phone, restart the app, and “clean reinstall” the app, but based on my experience, doing any of these things does nothing to solve the issue.

There’s nothing you can do other than expect Spotify’s developer team to sort things out and keep the scroll bar feature working properly. Hope this helps.

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