Why Are Spotify Ads So Loud? Here’s the Solution

In short: Spotify ads are loud to be as attention-grabbing as possible. The fix is to turn the volume on the Spotify app to the maximum, then adjust the volume from your device.

Spotify is known for serving ads that are extremely loud. No one wants to listen to loud ads blasting in their ears and blowing their speakers or headphones. Let’s talk about it.

Why are Spotify advertisements so loud?

I’ve tested different headphones and I will say that while all commercials are consistently louder than the music, Spotify’s ads specifically are the loudest and worst when it comes to volume.

But why are Spotify adverts so loud compared to other music streaming services?

Spotify ads are made louder than the music to grab your attention. It’s in the nature of advertisements to be as attention-grabbing as possible, and Spotify ads are no exception.

After talking to customer support, I found out that Spotify does not let advertisers set their own volume. This means it’s Spotify that sets the ad volume to extremely high levels.

In the meantime, we can only appeal to Spotify on the basis of customer care. I did, however, manage to find a hack to stop Spotify from blasting your ears with loud ads.

How to turn down the volume of Spotify ads

After countless hours of research and experiments, I’ve found a way to turn down the volume of Spotify ads without using a third-party software installation. Here’s how to do it.

Set the volume on the Spotify app or web player to the maximum. Then, adjust the volume from your device, whether you are listening on mobile or desktop.

While Spotify does not allow advertisers to adjust the listener’s volume level, Spotify can override the volume setting you have set yourself (against your will) when their ad is played. 

Naturally, they set it to maximum because they can!

When you set the volume of Spotify to the maximum, they cannot increase the volume anymore. Basically, you have created a “ceiling” for the audio volume.

This means both the music and ads are played at a uniform level. However, you are able to set the actual output volume to any level you like via your device’s volume setting.

I’ve tested this and I have no problem with loud Spotify ads anymore. Spotify cannot bypass your device’s volume setting without your consent. No more loud Spotify ads.

I don’t like using third-party software that messes with my Spotify account. I’m happy that I found this simple hack to keep Spotify ad volume at manageable levels.

You can always upgrade to Premium

If you don’t want ads to disturb your listening experience, you can always upgrade to Spotify Premium. After all, ads are served to convert free users into Premium subscribers.

Upgrading to Spotify Premium gives you many benefits, like higher-quality audio and offline downloads. Of course, perhaps the biggest advantage is that it removes ads entirely.

Spotify Premium has plenty of options for individuals, couples, families, and students. Whichever plan you choose, you can enjoy non-stop music and ad-free music listening.

Final words

The Spotify ad volume problem is a minor inconvenience in the grand scheme of life.

However, I think it’s a matter of principle. Spotify shouldn’t harass people into buying a product or service, especially when a large part of their subscribers would probably struggle to afford it.

If you cannot afford a Spotify Premium subscription, or you are not willing to, don’t worry. You are now equipped with the knowledge to keep the ad volume at manageable levels.

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