How to Create Apple Music Smart Playlist on iPhone

In my recent article talking about Apple Music playlists, I’ve touched upon the concept of Smart Playlists, which are a type of playlist that automatically updates based on rules you’ve set.

The official guide from Apple only gives you steps to create one on a Mac computer. But what if you don’t have a Mac computer? Here’s how you can create a Smart Playlist on iPhone or iPad.

You’ll need to use the Shortcuts app on your iPhone or iPad.

Step 1: Open the Shortcuts app on your iPhone and iPad.

Step 2: Tap the plus icon at the top-right corner to create a new Shortcut.

Step 3: Tap on New Shortcut at the top.

Step 4: Select Rename to add a name for your Shortcut.

Step 5: Tap on Add Action.

Step 6: Tap the search bar at the top and search for Music.

Step 7: Scroll down the list of options and select Find Music.

Step 8: Tap on Sort by and select Play Count.

Step 9: Tap on Order below the Sort by option and select Biggest First.

Step 10: Make sure the toggle next to Limit is turned on.

Step 11: Decide the number of songs to add to the playlist using the plus and minus icons.

Step 12: Tap the search bar at the bottom and type Music.

Step 13: Scroll down and select Create Playlist from the search results.

Step 14: Assign a name to your playlist.

Step 15: After naming your playlist, swipe left on the keyboard toolbar and tap on Ask Every Time.

Step 16: Tap on Done at the top-right corner to create the shortcut.

Whenever you add new songs to your music library, the Smart Playlist you’ve created will update automatically based on the criteria you have mentioned in the Shortcut.

Feel free to change the criteria while creating your Smart Playlist on your iPhone. You can also share your Smart Playlist like a regular playlist with your friends and family.

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