Are Vizio TVs Good For Gaming? (Honest Review)

Key takeaway: Vizio TVs are great for gaming, especially the M-Series. The lineup offers ultra-low input lag. It also has AMD FreeSync Premium, ensuring no tearing and smooth gaming.

Are Vizio TVs actually good for gaming? Vizio, as the official gaming TV and soundbar for Gotham Knights, shows its commitment to gaming. Let’s talk about it.

Vizio TVs have an immersive picture quality and brightness

I think Vizio TVs, especially the M-Series, is a very good TV with ultra-vivid picture quality and an epic level of detail, thanks to its high peak brightness and amazing contrast.

HDR content has bright highlights as game developers intended. This goes well with the TV’s local dimming features. In fact, the M-Series is pushing the boundaries of color, boasting Vizio’s highest color count through Quantum dot optimization.

Vizio’s M-Series has its most powerful CPU.

This improves picture processing, boosts Dolby Vision HDR and HDR10+, and enhances 4K details. In short, you won’t just play games. You’ll be in them.

Vizio TVs have an ultra-low input lag

One of the biggest reasons why Vizio TVs are amazing for gaming is their low input lag. It is arguably the most significant advantage a 4K gaming TV can give to competitive gamers.

Input lag is the time, in milliseconds, a TV monitor needs to process a game console’s signal and show it on the screen. A high input lag will create a noticeable delay from the moment you press a button on the controller until the action reflects in the game on the screen.

For a TV monitor to be suitable for gaming, it must have an input lag of around 30 ms or less. Serious gamers would want an even lower input lag of 10 ms or less for the best performance.

All Vizio TVs boast an input lag of 10 ms or less. Both the D-Series and V-Series have an input lag of 10 ms, while the P-Series and M-Series have an input lag of 8 ms and 7 ms, respectively.

Even a small lag difference matters. In racing games, milliseconds can decide if you hit a barrier or not.
Serious gamers who love fast games like shooters or fights will like the Vizio M-Series‘ low input lag.

Vizio TVs have zero stutters and offer smooth gameplay

A refresh rate of more than 120Hz is critical in reducing motion blur for fast-moving game scenes. Anything lower and you run the risk of stuttering and disjointed gameplay.

Vizio’s 50” M-Series 4K HDR Smart TV supports 4K at 120Hz, making it ideally suited to high-end consoles such as the PlayStation 5 and Xbox Series X.

Even for PC gamers, this TV offers a variable refresh rate of 48 to 240Hz. This rate is two times higher than most top gaming TVs.

Vizio TVs have a variable refresh rate

The Vizio D-Series and V-Series use AMD FreeSync, while the M-Series and P-Series use AMD FreeSync Premium Pro to deliver a tear-free gaming experience for the next-gen consoles.

All these Vizio series support Variable Refresh Rate (VRR).

Variable Refresh Rate (VRR) is an advanced feature first found on PC gaming monitors. It relates to how many frames per second content is sent to a TV for display.

This can be 24 frames per second (24 Hz for a movie), 60 frames (60 Hz for TV shows), and up to 120 frames per second (120 Hz or more) for video games.

When a console’s frame rate doesn’t match your TV, two frames can show at the same time. This causes a visual glitch called tearing. It looks as if the TV screen is tearing.

A Vizio TV adjusts its refresh rate to match the game’s frame rate.

Vizio TVs have a quick response time

All Vizio TVs have quick response time, which is paramount when it comes to gaming.

Response time, input lag, and refresh rate are key features that make gaming TVs stand out from regular sets.

Put simply, response time measures how long it takes for each pixel in your TV to switch from white to black or any shade in between.

If the response time is not fast enough, you’ll notice ghosting or smearing on fast-moving objects. Muddy visuals in competitive gaming can be distracting.

You can pair a Vizio TV with a soundbar

I love the attention to detail by Vizio. Perhaps what I like the most is the Dual-Purpose stand on the M-Series Quantum X. It lets you raise your TV to fit a soundbar underneath.

Or, you can mount the soundbar to the TV for a sleek look. I love a neat TV setup.

A Vizio soundbar placed underneath a Vizio TV.

I upgraded my old Vizio soundbar to a new system, and I’m so glad I did. The Dolby Atmos technology is fully immersive and makes your living room feel like a movie theater.

The bass is dynamic and adds depth and layers to the sound. Since it’s wireless, setting it up is easy, ideal for large living rooms. It’s basically plug-and-play.

The impressive sound quality is a reason why Vizio TVs excel in gaming. Whenever I play on my Xbox Series X, pairing the TV with a soundbar provides immersive sound.

If you’re into gaming, pair the 50” Vizio M-Series with a soundbar. This combo gives you all you need for next-gen game consoles.

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