How to Turn off Web Player on Spotify (3 Easy Hacks)

In short: You cannot disable or turn off the Spotify Web Player. If you don’t want links to open on the Web Player, copy the link and paste it into the search bar of the desktop app. 

The Web Player is a browser-based Spotify client (lightweight and basic player). Some people use it because it’s easier on the system than the desktop program.

Unfortunately, it’s not possible to disable it.

Many Spotify users complain that whenever they click on a link to a song or playlist, it automatically opens on the Web Player when most people want the desktop app instead.

A long time ago, you’ll see the Open in Desktop app option that you can choose if you’d like to switch. Spotify has removed that particular setting. Here are some workarounds you can try:

This toggle is no longer available.

1. Copy the link address and paste it to the desktop app

Whenever you get a Spotify link to a song or playlist you like, right-click on it and select “Copy link address” then paste the link into the search bar of the desktop app.

The link will open up on the desktop app rather than the Web Player. It will bring up the album with the song highlighted. So far, it’s the closest solution I’ve been able to figure out.

If you copy the link of a song or playlist into the search bar (before it loads the subdomain), the link will open up in the Spotify Web Player.

I have to thank Spotify’s support for this simple trick. 

2. Install “Open in Spotify desktop client” on Google Chrome

If you are using Google Chrome, you can install a plugin called the “Open in Spotify desktop client” to stop Spotify links from opening in the Web Player.

I tried a few other extensions for comparison, but this plugin seems to be the best one. It works well, loads the links instantly in the desktop app, and doesn’t leave the browser tab open.

3. Install “User Agent Switcher” on Google Chrome

If you are using Google Chrome, you can install a plugin called the “User Agent Switcher” to stop Spotify links from opening in the Web Player. Here’s how:

  1. Install User Agent Switcher.
  2. Close all Spotify Web Player tabs.
  3. Clear all cache, cookies, and data from your browser.
  4. Right-click on the icon in the upper right of Chrome and select Options.
  5. Select Permanent Spoof list from the menu.
  6. Type “” into Domain.
  7. Select “Internet Explorer 10” from the drop-down in User-Agent String.
  8. Navigate to a Spotify page again.
  9. Click the gear in the bottom left that should now be visible.
  10. Select the check mark to the right of Play URLs in the desktop app.
  11. Navigate to again.
  12. Click the View in Spotify button and ensure it opens the Playlist page in the desktop app.

Now, you will have Spotify open links in the desktop app instead of the Web Player. Links you click on will still autoplay most of the time, but it’s better than wrestling with the Web Player!

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