Spotify Keeps Switching to Web Player? (Solved)

In short: Spotify keeps switching to Web Player because your account may be compromised. Reset all passwords associated with your Spotify account and sign out everywhere.

You’re listening to Spotify on your iPhone when suddenly the app randomly switches out of your playlist and onto the Web Player and plays a random song. Here are 5 things you should do:

1. Reset all passwords associated with your Spotify account

The first thing you should do is reset all passwords associated with your Spotify account.

Not just your Spotify account password, but also your email password linked to your Spotify account. You should also change your Facebook password if you have them linked.

There is a possibility that your account has been hacked. The Spotify platform is secure, but sometimes breaches on other services mean someone else may log into your account.

To reset your password, open the Spotify password reset link in a private or incognito window. Enter your Spotify username or the email address that you used to register.

Spotify will send you an email with your username and a link to reset your password.

Once you’ve changed your Spotify password, don’t forget to also change the password for any service associated with your account, such as your email address, Facebook, or Apple.

2. Sign out everywhere

If you use one Spotify account on multiple devices, it’s best to sign out everywhere.

Log in to your account page, scroll down, and select SIGN OUT EVERYWHERE. It can take up to 1 hour to take effect everywhere, so please don’t use Spotify during this time.

By signing out of all devices, any hacker that has access to your account will be signed out. Make sure you have changed your password so no one can access your account again.

Keep in mind that signing out everywhere doesn’t include partner devices like speakers, game consoles, and TVs, so you may also need to check third-party connections.

3. Remove access to third-party apps

If someone gains access to your account, you should also remove third-party apps that have access to your Spotify account because they may have been compromised.

On your account page, go to Apps to review what’s connected to your account. It’s best to select REMOVE ACCESS on all of them to ensure your account’s security.

You can reconnect them later after you’ve secured your account.

Third-party websites and apps are generally safe to use. However, you must remember that they may be able to change things in your account if you give them permission to.

4. Disconnect Spotify from Facebook

After you have removed access to third-party apps, your next step is to disconnect your Spotify account from any Facebook account. You can access this option under Settings.

If there is an account connected, click DISCONNECT FROM FACEBOOK to remove it. If it’s your own Facebook, change your Facebook password before you reconnect it.

Hackers often use Facebook to access your Spotify account. In fact, the Facebook hack has affected 50 million people, which let the attackers access users’ Spotify accounts.

5. Clear your browser cache and cookies

The last thing you should do is clear your browser cache.

When you use a browser, it saves some information from websites (like Spotify) in its cache and cookies. Clearing them fixes certain problems, like loading or formatting issues on sites.

The more information that is saved in the cache, the slower your computer will be.

Clearing your cache means that all temporary files your browser has downloaded are deleted. It gives you a “clean slate” and forces your browser to redownload fresh files for websites.

As a result, you can increase the loading time of Spotify and increase its performance.

Clearing your browser cache and cookies is very easy.

The best way to find instructions on how to do it with your browser is to do a Google search with the keywords “clear browser cache [insert name of browser]”.

6. Contact a Spotify representative

If everything did not work, you should contact a Spotify rep.

A friend of mine ended up on a live chat with a Spotify rep. He had to send the rep a screenshot of his online bank statement to prove that the account was really his, to begin with.

Fortunately, the process was quick (less than 10 minutes).

The Spotify rep reset the email at the beginning of the conversation, then reset the email once my friend has proved that it was his account. All he needed to do next was reset his password.

My friend had never experienced any issues since.

7. Keep your Spotify account protected

Now you know why Spotify keeps switching to the desktop web player.

Once you’ve completed all of the security protocols listed above, you can now log back in safely to all your devices and reconnect any apps and services to your Spotify account.

The number one threat to your account’s security breaches on other services. To protect your account, use a strong password that you don’t use on other devices.

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