Hulu Resume Episode Not Working? (Do These Things)

Facing issues with “Hulu resume episode not working”? You’re not alone.

This article dives into the common challenges users face when trying to pick up where they left off on Hulu and offers effective solutions to get you back to binge-watching seamlessly.

Hulu app interface displayed on a mobile device screen.

Always exit the episode when you’re done watching

To let Hulu start where you stopped, exit the episode after watching. Don’t just pause the show. And don’t turn off your TV right away.

Exiting the episode tells Hulu you’ve stopped watching. It sets a ‘bookmark’ on the show. Then Hulu can start the episode from that point.

Navigate from “Continue Watching” instead of “My Stuff”

Don’t resume Hulu episodes from the ‘My Stuff’ section. Instead, always resume episodes from the ‘Continue Watching’ section. This ensures your progress is saved.

I told my friend about this tip. He tried it and said it worked well. Using ‘Continue Watching’ is the trick. Hulu will pick up right where you left.

Resume the show from the episode listing

If Hulu doesn’t resume the episode where you stopped, go to the episode list. Start the episode from the list, not the main show menu.

Remove the show from your watch history

It might seem odd, but deleting a show from your watch history helps Hulu pick up where you left off. Let me explain.

Streaming devices store data, like your watch history, to boost device speed. However, these files can become corrupted and cause streaming problems.

So, if a Hulu show doesn’t resume where you paused, clear that show’s watch history. You’ll need to restart the show, but you can pick up from a specific episode.

Once you delete a show from your history, you can resume its episode from where you paused. If the issue returns, repeat the steps and delete the show from your history.

Disable the Autoplay feature

Hulu’s Autoplay feature aims to play the next episode or a related suggestion automatically when the episode you’re watching is about to end.

The Autoplay feature is great, but I’ve seen it interfere with Hulu’s ability to start episodes at the correct timestamp. The best thing you can do is to disable the Autoplay feature.

To disable Hulu’s Autoplay feature, navigate to settings and switch the Autoplay toggle off. Turning it off is straightforward, and you should find the toggle on any device you use.

Clear Hulu’s cached files

Earlier, I mentioned the issues with cached files. Temporary files can get corrupted over time and lead to streaming issues. This could be another reason why Hulu is not resuming episodes.

As a last resort, you can clear Hulu’s cached files and data. Hulu provides an article on how to clear the cache for various devices.

When Hulu’s ‘Continue Watching’ feature doesn’t work, the cache is usually corrupted. Sometimes, after clearing cached data, you may need to sign back in, but this is rare.

If you use a Fire TV Stick, restart the device

This one’s for you if you use Fire TV Stick to watch Hulu. Restart your Fire TV Stick. Then, you should be able to pick up your Hulu show at the right spot.

On the top right corner of the screen, click on Settings (the gear icon). From there, select Device & Software. On some models, the option might be labeled as ‘My Fire TV’.

Scroll down and select Restart. If prompted, confirm by selecting Restart again. After confirmation, you should see a “Powering-Off” message on the screen.

Once your television and Fire TV Stick turn on, Hulu should resume episodes correctly. If the issue returns, simply restart your Fire TV Stick again.

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