Hulu Remove From Watch History Not Working? (Do These Things)

Key takeaway: Go to the series’ last episode and skip near the credits. Watch some of the credits, then exit. Hulu will register the series as watched, and the series won’t appear in your “Continue Watching” collection.

A perplexed individual standing in front of a TV screen displaying a Hulu error message.

Hulu offers its users an expansive array of TV shows, movies, and documentaries. Over time, as viewers indulge in their favorite content, a comprehensive ‘watch history’ is generated.

However, some users have reported difficulties with the ‘remove from watch history’ function not working as intended. This article will guide you through potential solutions

Remove the content from “My Stuff”

My Stuff is your personal library on Hulu. Adding movies or shows to My Stuff marks them as favorites on Hulu. Movies and shows in My Stuff might return even if deleted from history.

To delete from My Stuff, go to the show’s Details page.

On the Living Room device, go to My Stuff. Select the title you’d like to remove, then select Remove from My Stuff from the Details page.

A Hulu interface on a TV showing the details of the show "Little Fires".
Make sure you don’t have individual episodes in “My Stuff”.

If you’re using a mobile device, navigate to My Stuff. Tap the context menu icon that appears on the show tile, then tap My Stuff from the drop-down menu to unselect and remove.

On the web, go to My Stuff. Click the Remove Recording icon on the upper left corner of the show tile. Then, select Remove and confirm Yes.

Remove episodes from My Stuff

After deleting content from My Stuff, try clearing it from your watch history. If the show returns, past saved episodes might be the cause.

Go to the show’s details page and check for a My Episodes tab to confirm. Delete saved episodes you find and then clear the show from your watch history.

On the Living Room device, go to My Episodes on the show’s details page. Select the More menu icon next to the episode’s thumbnail and deselect Added to My Stuff.

On mobile, go to My Episodes on the show’s details page. Tap the context menu icon that appears next to the episode thumbnail and uncheck My Episodes.

Reset your watch history from the web

If shows you’ve removed from your Hulu watch history keep reappearing on all devices (TV, mobile, or computer), you can reset your entire watch history on the web.

You can reset your Watch History.

  • Open your Hulu account page on a web browser.
  • Select California Privacy Rights (under Privacy and Settings).
  • Select Watch History (under Manage Activity).
  • Click on the Clear Selected button.

This action will reset all videos you’ve watched on Hulu. While your saved items stay, your watch history on every device will be cleared.

After the reset, Hulu will treat all shows and movies as unwatched, returning series to the first episode. All your shows in My Stuff remain, but they’ll start from s01e01.

Watch the credits of the last episode of the series, then exit

If you want to remove a specific show from your Hulu watch history without resetting everything, I’ve found a simple trick.

You don’t have to watch every episode. Just go to the final episode, skip to the end, and watch part of the credits before exiting. Stop the playback once Hulu suggests an autoplay episode.

By doing this, Hulu thinks you’ve finished the series and removes it from your “Continue Watching” collection.

A laptop showing the credits scene of the show "The Great" on the Hulu streaming platform.
Just watch some of the credits.

Marking the final episode as viewed is key, even if earlier episodes are unwatched, to keep the show out of your history.

Note: Don’t remove the show from your watch history after “completing” the last episode. Doing so brings it back to “Continue Watching”.

When you watch the last episode’s credits, Hulu marks the series as complete; after refreshing the app, the show should no longer be in your history.

It’s important to note that this method only works for shows that have finished airing without new episodes on Hulu. If the show releases new content, it will reappear in your watch history.

Fast forward to the credits to remove a movie

It’s even easier to clear a stubborn movie from your Hulu history. Fast forward the movie towards the end, watch some of the credits and then exit the movie.

Hulu will register the movie as watched, and it won’t appear in your “Continue Watching” collection. After restarting the Hulu app, the change will take effect.

After “finishing” the movie, you don’t need to find the movie and remove it from your watch history. If you do this, the movie will reappear in your “Continue Watching” collection.

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