Hulu Not Letting You Log In? (Troubleshooting Steps)

Key takeaway: If you can’t log in to Hulu, use the same Disney account credentials you have for Hulu. If your device is connected to a VPN, Hulu might show an incorrect username/password error.

A tablet showing the Hulu streaming platform interface.

Many people have faced login issues with Hulu. If you’re sure about your username and password, consider these solutions.

Use your Disney+ login credentials

Some people face login issues using old Hulu credentials. You can only access Hulu using the Disney bundle’s credentials.

Disney owns Hulu and offers it as part of a bundle with Disney+ and ESPN+. If you signed up for the Hulu bundle or have a Disney account, you’ll use the same login for Hulu, Disney+, and ESPN+.

If you reset your email address or password for a Disney service, this change will update your credentials for all services under The Walt Disney Family of Companies.

Disconnect your device from the VPN

If you use a VPN, Hulu might show an incorrect username/password message without asking you to turn off the VPN. Few streaming platforms detect VPNs like Hulu does.

Many people can log in online, but on devices like Roku TV, the Hulu app might say the username/password is wrong.

Unfortunately, Hulu’s website does not provide information about this issue. I believe Hulu should either notify users about the VPN issue or resolve it, allowing users to continue using their VPN.

Use the autofill feature or copy and paste your credentials

Some people can only log into Hulu on their computers by saving the password and using the browser’s autofill. On my computer, I can only use my Hulu password by using autofill or by typing it in another app, like Notes, and copying/pasting it.

If I just type my password into the field, Hulu will say that my username/password is invalid. It’s frustrating to rely solely on saving the password and using autofill to log into Hulu.

So, if you watch Hulu from your computer, try using the autofill feature or save the password somewhere safe so you can just copy and paste it every time you want to log in.

There’s something wrong with your Hulu subscription status

If you can log into but not your other devices, there might be an issue with your Hulu account.

You might not be able to sign in because your subscription has expired or you need to update your payment method. It could be that your credit card has expired and you need to re-enter your new card details.

Hulu recommends checking the status of your subscription by logging into your account page. After logging into your account page, you should see a notification about any issues or updates.

Once your account is back in good standing, you should be able to log in to Hulu on all of your devices again.

Connect to your Home network

Hulu might not let you log in if you’ve switched your internet network more than four times in a year. If you travel often and use many networks, you might face login issues with Hulu.

According to Hulu, you’ll need to set up your Home network (the internet connection you designate as your primary network) within 30 days of signing up.

You can stream on the go using your mobile devices, but you should use your Home network at least once every 30 days or you might have login problems.

Hulu might do this to block unauthorized users and stop account sharing.

Without this rule, a Hulu subscriber could share their account with anyone, even people in other cities. So, if you’re dealing with this login issue, keep this in mind.

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