Hulu Watch Party Not Syncing? (Troubleshooting Steps)

Key takeaway: To ensure the Hulu Watch Party syncs properly, make sure everyone subscribes to the No Ads plan. Alternatively, use Scener, a free service to host Hulu watch parties.

A tablet showing the Hulu streaming platform interface.

Facing issues with Hulu Watch Party not syncing? You’re not alone.

Hulu’s Watch Party feature lets viewers stream content together, but sometimes synchronization glitches occur. In this guide, let’s explore solutions to ensure a smooth streaming experience.

Starting a Hulu Watch Party (quick overview)

Watch Party synchronizes your streams, allowing up to eight people to watch the same video together. It also adds a group chat feature. This works even if viewers are in different locations.

To start a Hulu Watch Party, go to and sign in. Next, find a title you want to watch together. Then, select the WATCH PARTY icon and select START THE PARTY.

Click the chain icon to copy the link and invite other subscribers to watch together. To accept an invitation and join a Watch Party, paste the invite link directly to your browser. Once you enter the link, Hulu sends a welcome message. Just select JOIN THE PARTY.

The Hulu Watch Party is only for users who are at least 18 years old. You can access the feature only on browsers like Chrome, Firefox, Safari, or Microsoft Edge for Windows 10.

The Hulu Watch Party is limited. Not all of the thousands of movies and shows have this feature. You’ll need to look for the Watch Party icon.

What to do if Hulu Watch Party isn’t syncing

Hulu Watch Party is an interesting concept. However, it has flaws, like not syncing correctly. Here are some things you can do when Hulu Watch Party isn’t syncing properly.

Everyone should use the Hulu No Ads plan

To avoid Hulu Watch Party problems, make sure all members subscribe to the Hulu (No Ads) plan. Bad timing and synchronization happen when you invite different types of subscribers to your Hulu Watch Party. A user’s Hulu subscription level changes the viewing experience.

For example, if anyone in the Watch Party is on the Hulu (With Ads) plan, the content will pause periodically for everyone while that particular user is shown ads.

Subscribers with the ad-free plan won’t see ads, but their content still pauses. The only way to watch without ads or pausing is for everyone in your group to be ad-free members.

However, Hulu Watch Party often doesn’t sync well, especially with mixed subscriber types.

My friend and I used Watch Party. Our videos weren’t in sync because of our different Hulu plans. Even if I don’t see an ad, Hulu informs my friend that I’m viewing one and makes his video pause. If my friend views an ad, my video doesn’t pause.

Our videos were always about ten to fifteen seconds apart. It’s a nightmare. Only after subscribing to the same Hulu plan can we watch together in sync.

Press the “Click to catch up” button

If you fall out of sync with the group, Hulu will send you a notification. It will prompt you to “Click to catch up,” ensuring you view the Hulu content simultaneously with others.

Hulu Watch Party interface showing the "Click to catch up" button.

Your internet connection might be slower, or you could face connectivity issues. If this happens, press the button to rejoin your watch party’s pace.

Use Scener instead of Hulu Watch Party

I’m not saying Hulu Watch Party is bad, but many users have issues with its functionality. Often, it just doesn’t work properly.

So, instead of going through the trouble, use Scener. It’s a free service that lets you watch shows and movies together with other people from major streaming platforms in sync.

I like Scener for its simplicity, but you’ll need headphones. To start a Hulu watch party, do this:

  • Tap the Scener icon in your browser.
  • Click “Create A Theater”.
  • Choose private or public live theater.
  • Read the prompt and click Next.
  • Pick Hulu from the list.
  • Log in if needed.
  • Click the Share link (chain icon).
  • After sharing, you’ll see the attendees.
  • Pick something to watch.

I think Scener requires the Hulu (No Ads) plan. Still, I find it much better than Hulu Watch Party. Scener keeps the watch party smooth, which isn’t always the case with Hulu Watch Party.

You can watch series episodes back-to-back. If you want something different, go to Hulu’s menu and select another show. Scener also offers a video call feature.

You don’t need to restart the watch party, making it ideal for binge-watching. The only downside is that Scener’s video sync might have a short delay.

Some say the Hulu Watch Party isn’t worth using. Many believe Scener is a better choice.

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