Hulu Not Letting You Select Profile? (Troubleshooting Steps)

In short: If you can’t select a profile on Hulu, force stop the Hulu app using the Fire Stick interface. Force-stopping the app can fix “frozen” Hulu profiles. You can also disconnect and reconnect to Wi-Fi.

After opening Hulu, you’ll see the “Who’s watching” screen to pick a profile.

Unfortunately, many people have trouble with this step. You can reinstall the app, but it’s not practical to do so often. In this article, I’ll give tips to help you pick a Hulu profile.

Force stop Hulu from the Fire Stick interface (best method)

Go to Settings (gear icon) on your Fire Stick, then select Applications. On the next screen, select Manage Installed Applications and select Hulu from the list of options.

Once Hulu is selected, select ‘Force stop’. After force-stopping, all my “frozen” Hulu profiles start working again. All you have to do now is to select Launch application.

A TV screen showing the Hulu "Force stop" option.

If Hulu won’t let you pick a profile, use Fire Stick settings to force-stop the app. This is easy. Force-stopping is faster than making a new profile.

Create a new Hulu profile

Some people find making a new profile the quickest solution. In fact, this is quicker than force-stopping the Hulu app on the Fire TV Stick.

To create a new profile, select (+) New Profile from the “Who’s watching” screen when you first open the app. Enter the required information, then select Create Profile.

Name it “AAA” and toggle kids ON for quicker fake profile setup. Once you’re done, Hulu will take you to the new profile.

Once you’re inside the new Hulu profile, just click on the profile name on the top left side of the screen and you can switch to your original Hulu profile.

Remember to sometimes delete “fake profiles”. Hulu allows only seven profiles per account.

Use voice command to bypass the “Who’s watching” screen

If you log in to Hulu and see the “Who’s watching?” screen flash briefly before landing on the main Hulu page, this workaround is for you.

By using the voice command on Fire Stick to play a Hulu show, you can bypass the profile selection screen. After using voice commands, the login issue hasn’t happened to me again.

However, for this hack to work, you’ll need to use either Google Assistant or Amazon Alexa.

Once paired with Alexa or the Google Home app, ask them to play or search Hulu content to skip the “Who’s watching?” screen.

Disconnect from Wi-Fi and then reconnect

If Hulu won’t let you pick a profile, try disconnecting your TV from Wi-Fi and then reconnecting. After reconnecting, you should be able to pick a Hulu profile.

When you reconnect, the device sets up the connection again. Routers can get overloaded, causing connection issues. By disconnecting and reconnecting, you give the router a fresh start.

Restart your Fire TV Stick

If Hulu won’t let you pick a profile, consider restarting your Fire Stick as a last resort. You can do this using the remote control or through the Settings interface.

If you’re stuck on a screen and can’t navigate, hold the Select and Play/Pause buttons on your remote for five seconds. Your Fire TV Stick will then restart.

Alternatively, restart the Fire Stick from the Settings page. On the home screen, use the remote to scroll right and select Settings (gear icon).

The Fire TV Stick interface showing the "Restart" option.

In the Settings menu, choose the My Fire TV option. On the next screen, select Restart. After confirming, your Fire TV Stick will power down and restart.

The screen content will disappear when rebooting.

After the restart, you should be able to pick a Hulu profile.

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