Hulu Web Page Not Available on TV? (Do These Things)

You might see the “This Web page is not available” message on your TV’s browser when using Hulu. This is known as Hulu Error Code 21 (network changed).

Several reasons can cause this error. These include entering the wrong website URL, having invalid cookies, facing DNS server issues, or using a broken proxy.

Another reason for the error is when Hulu detects a change in your internet service provider. If you face this issue, here’s what you can do.

A TV screen showing the Hulu Error Code 21 (webpage not available).

Restart your modem and router

You need an internet connection to watch Hulu on your TV, either through a browser or the app. If the Hulu web page is not available on your TV, restart your modem and router.

Disconnect your modem and router from the power outlet, and wait for at least 30 seconds. Connect the modem back into the power outlet first, and wait for another 2 minutes.

Then, connect your router to the power outlet. Once all the panel lights on your modem are on, test Hulu on your TV’s browser.

Your TV is no longer compatible with the app updates

If you see the “This Web page is not available” message on Hulu, your TV might not support the latest updates. You might think your TV is new, but even a TV bought a year or two ago is old in the smart TV app world.

My advice is to get a Fire TV Stick; it’s affordable. It turns your TV into a smart one with Hulu and other services. Or, consider buying an Android TV with Roku or Chromecast for ongoing support and updates.

Restart your TV

Even if your TV is new, the Hulu webpage might not load. Restarting your television often solves this for me. Turn off your TV and disconnect the power cord from the electrical outlet.

Let it remain without power for at least 2 minutes. Then, plug the power cord back in. If Hulu doesn’t work after that, reinstall the app and unplug it again.

Many online connectivity problems can be solved by restarting your TV and network. I suggest trying a restart before exploring other solutions.

Clear your browser data

If you see the “This Web page is not available” message on Hulu, it might be due to outdated DNS requests on your TV’s browser.

Clearing your browsing data will reset your DNS settings. This step deletes temporary files. It also removes old or faulty DNS requests, freeing up space.

Depending on what browser you’re using on your TV, you can navigate to settings and find the option to Clear browsing data. Make sure to clear all cached files.

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