Are RCA TVs Good For Gaming? (Honest Review)

Key takeaway: RCA TVs work well for simple games like Minecraft. However, for games like Call of Duty that demand split-second timing, they fall short.

Wondering if RCA TVs are suitable for gaming? Let’s delve into it. I’ll cover the refresh rate, response times, HDMI ports, and share my gaming experience.

A picture of a 55" RCA TV.

The refresh rate is good enough for novice gamers

Most RCA TVs have a 60Hz refresh rate. The 60Hz rate is okay, but the best fit depends on the games you play. Games can run at rates like 30, 60, or 120 fps. Movies, though, run at 24 fps.

If you’re looking for a budget gaming smart TV, the 40-inch Roku Smart LED TV from RCA is able to get the job done. Although it only offers 1080p resolution, the price is just under $200.

The RCA TV has three HDMI sockets, so it has space for one or two game consoles.

That said, the refresh rate is only 60Hz. On this RCA TV, fast action scenes might blur more than on a TV with a 120Hz refresh rate.

Image comparing two side-by-side displays of a shooter game. On the left, the game is running at 60 Hz, showing slightly blurred action and less fluid motion. On the right, the game is running at 144 Hz, displaying crisp visuals with smoother transitions and movements.

60Hz of refresh rate is enough for simple games with few moving motions like Minecraft, but if you’re a diehard gamer, choose a gaming monitor with a refresh rate of 120Hz or higher.

Response time could be better

For gaming monitors, a lower response time is better. According to Gadget Review, the ideal range is between 1 millisecond to 5 milliseconds.

For tasks like working from home or using social media, a 20ms response time won’t make a difference. But with a 20ms response time, you’ll see motion blur in hardcore video games.

So what about the response times of RCA TVs?

This particular 65” RCA TV has a response time of 39ms. This isn’t bad, especially when some pricier smart TVs can have response times over 50 milliseconds.

However, if you’re playing games like Call of Duty, where split-second timing is the difference between victory and defeat, you’ll definitely want something in the single digits.

Plenty of HDMI ports

For gaming monitors, HDMI and DisplayPort are the go-to standards.

Consider the number of device connections you’ll need. Match the HDMI inputs to the number of devices you use. You should look for a TV that has at least 3 HDMI inputs, but 4 offers more flexibility.

The good news is that most RCA TVs have at least 3 HDMI ports. Some even boast 4, making them great for gaming. RCA TVs often feature HDMI 2.0.

HDMI 2.0 works well but choose 2.1 if you want to be ready for newer tech.

This 40” RCA TV suits budget gamers with its 3 HDMI ports. However, the 55” RCA TV, with 4 HDMI ports, is best for 4K games.

My gaming experience with a 55” RCA 4K TV

If you’re considering an RCA TV for gaming, I suggest you go for one with at least a 4K resolution. Among the RCA TVs, the 55” RCA 4K TV suits my needs best.

Unboxed RCA brand 55-inch TV displaying 4K Ultra HD logo on a neutral background.
My RCA 55″ TV

For context, I use the RCA TV as a gaming monitor for playing sandbox games, like Red Dead Redemption 2 and GTA V on Xbox. So far, the TV monitor hasn’t let me down.

While RCA is affordable, their TVs are of good quality. The image quality on my 55” TV is beautiful. The same goes for colors and clarity. My 55” TV connects via HDMI.

If you buy the same model I did, here are the best RCA TV settings for gaming:

On the remote, open the menu, navigate to setup, and switch the “1.4” setting to “2.0”. This sets the HDMI ports to HDMI 2.0, which lets you choose 4K in the Xbox settings.

Also, the “standard” picture mode in the TV settings seems faded. Go to the menu on the remote and shift the picture mode to “mild” or “user settings”.

Mild works well, but I suggest you fine-tune the settings to get the look you want. Adjusting this picture mode stops RCA TVs from appearing too pale.

I chose “user settings” and made these changes:

  • Set the brightness between 40 to 50.
  • Increase the contrast as you prefer.
  • Lower the sharpness to around 30.

Those are my top RCA TV settings for gaming. While a $2,000 TV might outperform RCA, their TVs are still quite good.

Final verdict

Most RCA TVs have all the right ports for gaming consoles. The refresh rate (60Hz) is also suitable for adventure games like Assassin’s Creed and GTA V.

The refresh rate and response times of most RCA TVs aren’t suitable for racing, shooting, and other fast-moving games. For enhanced gaming performance, consider a TV brand like Hisense.

If you manage to get your hands on an RCA 4K TV, don’t forget to switch the HDMI from 1.4 to 2.0. After adjusting these settings, your TV monitor will display in 4K resolution.

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