Are TCL TVs Good For Gaming? (Honest Review)

Key takeaway: TCL TVs are excellent for gaming, especially the 6-Series. The lineup offers 4K HDR resolution and a 144Hz variable refresh rate. These features enhance your gaming experience.

A TCL TV showing the Call of Duty Vanguard game on-screen.

Diving into the world of gaming and seeking the perfect TV?

Here’s an honest review on TCL TVs. Discover if they’re the ultimate gaming companion. From 4K HDR resolution to lightning-fast refresh rates, I break down what TCL brings to the table.

5 reasons why TCL TVs are good for gaming

It’s no secret that TCL TVs are a popular choice for gaming. Here are 5 reasons why TCL TVs are great for gaming.

4K HDR resolution

Many believe that the 1080p resolution is ideal for gaming, but I think otherwise. If you can access 4K HDR resolution, you should choose it.

Full HD is just another term for 1080p or 1920×1080. By contrast, 4K has a resolution of 3840×2160. The higher the resolution, the sharper the picture will be.

TCL’s lineup of gaming TVs all have 4K HDR resolution.

The TCL 5-Series and 6-Series, for example, have 4K HDR resolution for clear images. Even the more affordable TCL 4-Series offers stunning 4K resolution and impactful HDR.

This is why TCL is the official TV of Call of Duty®. When you play the game on TCL TVs, you experience the most cinematic moments in the franchise’s history.

Blazing fast 144Hz refresh rate

The TCL 5-Series boasts a respectable 60Hz refresh rate. However, the TCL 6-Series offers an impressive refresh rate of up to 144Hz.

When it comes to gaming, a refresh rate is important. The refresh rate refers to how many times per second the display is able to draw a new image. This is measured in Hertz (Hz).

Image comparing two side-by-side displays of a shooter game. On the left, the game is running at 60 Hz, showing slightly blurred action and less fluid motion. On the right, the game is running at 144 Hz, displaying crisp visuals with smoother transitions and movements.

Simply put, more frames-per-second makes for smoother gameplay.

For gaming, the bare minimum is 60Hz. Any lower and you’ll see flickering and disjointed movement when playing a game. If you’re serious about gaming, 144Hz is the way to go.

The 144Hz refresh rate is what makes the TCL 6-Series amazing. The TCL 6-Series can deliver variable refresh rates up to 144Hz on screens as large as 75 inches.

Many TCL monitors have Variable Refresh Rate (VRR)

TCL’s new 6-Series (and 5-Series) are both excellent for gaming because they can adapt to different frame rates, thanks to their Variable Refresh Rate (VRR) technology.

Variable Refresh Rate is a technology that allows your TV monitor to dynamically adjust how often it refreshes the image to match the frame rate from your console or PC.

What does this mean for you?

You see, a movie runs at a consistent frame rate, typically at 24fps. However, the frame rate of a game constantly changes depending on the amount of processing going on.

In a calm part of a game, it might run at 50fps. But during an explosion, the console might work harder, dropping the frame rate to 30fps or lower.

These rapid frame rate changes can cause “screen tearing” on many TV monitors with fixed refresh rates. This is where Variable Refresh Rate (VRR) comes in.

Screenshot of a game displaying noticeable screen tearing due to fixed refresh rate issues.
Example of screen tearing during an explosion.

A TV monitor, like the TCL 6-Series, that supports VRR will dynamically match its refresh rate to the frame rate of the game, keeping pace with all of these changes.

The result is a very good response time. You won’t have to deal with stuttering and disjointed graphic movements, ensuring you have a smooth gaming experience with very little blur.

The 6-Series is even AMD FreeSync™ Premium Pro certified, allowing you to enjoy the best performance when using compatible gaming devices, like the new Xbox Series X.

TCL monitors have many HDMI ports

Most monitors come with two HDMI ports to support various devices. Ideally, you should have as many HDMI inputs as devices.

The good news is, most TCL TVs are equipped with at least 4 HDMI ports. The TCL 5-Series, for example, has 4 ports with HDMI 2.1 and 1 port with eARC/ARC.

The TCL 6-Series features 4 HDMI ports. Two ports support up to 4K @ 144Hz, two others support up to 4K @ 60Hz, and there is one port with eARC.

That’s more than enough for different game consoles.

Every TCL gaming TV has “Game Master” installed

Most gaming TVs feature a “Game Mode”. Samsung gaming TVs made this mode popular. The feature works by optimizing the TV’s performance when playing games.

Basically, the game mode is a one-button solution for gamers who are tired of adjusting the settings one by one. TCL gaming TVs call this feature “Game Master”.

When you turn on “Game Master”, the TV adjusts settings automatically. It optimizes picture, motion, and sound quality for gaming. It also turns off any unneeded tasks on the processor.

Which TCL TV should you get for gaming?

If you want the best of the best, consider the TCL 6-Series. The TCL 6-Series offers a fast response with VRR up to 144Hz and has AMD FreeSync™ Premium Pro certification.

The new 6-Series provides top 4K connectivity. It has two ports for 4K gaming up to 144Hz and an eARC port for home theaters.

The TCL 5-Series is a good middle ground. The TCL 5-Series offers 4K resolution and VRR technology but with a 60Hz refresh rate.

However, if you’re on a budget, the TCL 4-Series is good enough. It offers the best bang for your buck thanks to 4K HDR gaming with a dedicated Game Mode and a low input lag.

Whichever you choose, TCL monitors are affordable yet reliable.

As you can see, the TCL brand has a TV monitor for every gamer. I would say TCL TV monitors are good for gaming, whether you’re a novice gamer or a hardcore competitor.

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