How to Add Lyrics to Apple Music (Official and Custom)

In short: To add official lyrics, you can submit them directly to Apple Music or Musixmatch. To add custom lyrics, you can write or copy and paste them into the “Song Info” tab.

There are two ways to add lyrics to Apple Music. You can add custom lyrics that are visible only to you, or you can add official lyrics if you are the original artist of the song. Here’s how.

How to add official lyrics to Apple Music

You can add lyrics to Apple Music if you are the artist of the song. Alternatively, you can also add lyrics to Apple Music by becoming a verified artist or lyric publisher on Musixmatch.

Official lyrics are synced across the entire Apple Music database. This means everyone else will see the lyrics you submitted. You must be the original artist or representative of the song.

1. Submit lyrics directly to Apple Music

If you are the artist of a song, you can send the official lyrics directly to Apple Music. Just be sure to review the guidelines provided by Apple Music before submitting your lyrics.

  1. Go to Artist Content and select a song.
  2. Any songs that don’t have lyrics will display a ( + ) button.
  3. Click Add Lyrics.
  4. In the Song Lyrics field, copy and paste your formatted lyrics.
  5. Follow the lyrics formatting requirements in the lyrics guidelines.

Once submitted, you need to wait up to 10 business days for your lyrics to be displayed. The Apple Music lyrics feature varies by country or region, and lyrics are not available for all songs.

2. Become a verified artist on Musixmatch

If you are the song creator, you can join Musixmatch to become a verified creator. Once you verify your profile, you can publish your official lyrics on Apple Music.

If you are an independent music creator or part of an artist management team, you are encouraged to join Musixmatch with superstars like Drake, Post Malone, Camilla Cabello, etc.

Not only can you add lyrics, but you can also edit and sync them. You’ll have full control over your lyrics and, once verified, they will be displayed as your official lyrics.

You can become a verified creator on Musixmatch here.

3. Become a lyric publisher on Musixmatch

If you are not a song creator, you can monetize your lyrics catalog via Musixmatch. They work with thousands of publishers worldwide to create a comprehensive lyrics catalog.

Not only can you earn royalties from your lyrics views, but you will also receive clear, summarized reports on Musixmatch and third-party platform data usage.

After all, their goal is to make distributing your lyrics and earning royalties simple. You can become a lyric publisher on Musixmatch right here.

How to add custom lyrics on Apple Music

If the lyrics are missing from songs in your Apple Music library, you can add custom lyrics. This feature is only available on a computer in the Apple Music app or on iTunes.

You can sync custom lyrics to mobile devices after adding them on a computer. Sadly, you cannot add live lyrics to Apple Music. You can only add static lyrics on Apple Music.

Static lyrics.
Live synced lyrics

Custom lyrics are only visible to you. Here’s how to add them.

1. Add the music to your library

Before you can add custom lyrics to a song, you need to add the song to your library in Apple Music or iTunes. You can’t do this on mobile (you need to do this from a computer).

You should already have the Apple Music app if you are using a MacBook. If you are using a Windows computer, however, you need to download iTunes from Apple’s website.

If you subscribe to Apple Music, search for the song you want to add lyrics to using the search bar. Then click the Add (+) button next to that song to add it to your library.

Alternatively, if the song has been downloaded, go to File > Import from the menu bar in Apple Music or File > Add to Library in iTunes. Select the music files to add them to your library.

2. Add custom lyrics from the “Song Info” window

Navigate to the song you want to add lyrics to. Click the More (three-dot icon) button for the song. You may not see this button until you put your mouse over the song.

For example, if the song is playing, hover your pointer next to the title at the top of the app. If the song is in your playlist, put your mouse over the duration on the right.

You can also right-click on a track.

Next, click “Get Info” or “Song Info” from the pop-out menu. Boom! You have a small window with a wealth of details about your song. If song lyrics are available, you can find those here.

Go to the Lyrics tab to see any lyrics associated with that song. If you want to add custom lyrics, enable the Custom Lyrics option at the bottom of the screen.

You can now type (or copy and paste) the correct lyrics for that song. Make sure you add an extra line break between verses and choruses so the formatting looks right.

When you’re finished, click Done to save your custom lyrics.

3. Sync custom lyrics to other devices

Once you’ve added your custom lyrics, you can view the lyrics by clicking the quotation icon on Apple Music or iTunes. You need to sync your music to see your lyrics on other devices.

If you subscribe to Apple Music, the easiest way to sync your music is by using iCloud.

From the menu bar, go to Music > Preferences and enable the Sync Library option. Next, go to Settings > Music on an iPhone or iPad and turn on Sync Library.

When both devices are connected to the Internet, your custom lyrics should sync almost instantly. Now you can enjoy your custom lyrics on Apple Music.

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