Are Element TVs Good and Reliable? (Honest Review)

Element TVs have garnered attention for their affordable price range, but the real question lies in their performance and durability. In this article, we delve into the strengths and weaknesses of Element TVs, assessing picture quality, design aesthetics, and longevity.

An Element TV sitting on top of a living room cabinet.

Are Element TVs good?

Generally, Element TVs are good considering the price.

The picture quality is okay with a good contrast ratio but has a high input lag. The TV has a basic design, and it comes with a simple remote control.

Element TVs’ picture quality is mediocre

Element TVs offer 4K picture and HDR support.

In terms of picture quality, Element TVs are mediocre at best, although I do think they’re good enough for most people who are looking for an affordable TV.

The contrast ratio of Element TVs is surprisingly good. It gives the screen the ability to display deeper blacks, improving the overall picture quality when watching content in dark rooms.

For those of you who don’t know, the contrast ratio is the ratio between the luminance of the brightest white and the darkest black that a TV can produce.

The picture quality of Element TVs degrades when viewed from an angle. Also, the input lag is too high for my preference.

In the “PC/Game” picture mode, the input lag remains high. Also, when displaying 4k @ 60Hz input, you’ll notice visual glitches. Moreover, you can’t disable the sharpening feature.

This is fine for casual gaming, but any game that requires fast reactions (like shooter games and racing games) will be more difficult to play on an Element TV.

Element TVs have a basic design

My Element Roku TV has a simple plastic design, yet it has an appealing look. When viewed from the front, the screen appears sleek.

The stand is quite wide, which makes it very stable. Additionally, the bezel around the display has a glossy black finish, as do the included plastic feet of the stand.

The design of Element TVs, with its distinct buttons for each function, reminds me of a PC monitor. You can find the controls under the front part of the screen, which is easily accessible.

It’s not going to make you go “wow” but it’s good enough for a TV that costs less than $400.

The remote controller works well

The remote control is small, compact, and gets the job done.

The remote for the Element Amazon Fire TV has a few buttons. However, it comes with a useful Alexa voice command feature for interface navigation.

The Alexa voice control lets you switch between apps, search for content, and even find nearby restaurants. If you buy the Element Roku TV, you’ll receive the small Roku remote, known for its purple-on-black color scheme.

You can navigate between apps and menus using the directional pad, as well as dedicated buttons for other functions like media playback and opening the settings menu.

The Roku remote also has buttons for Netflix, Hulu, Vudu, and Sling TV. They’re great, but I wish the remote allowed me to reprogram them to my favorite channels.

Are Element TVS reliable?

Element TVs are not very reliable. Their TVs last about 3 years on average. Their customer service is not very good.

Element TVs last 2 to 5 years

Many customers say Element TVs last 2 to 5 years. Watching TV for just a few hours per week? Your Element TV might last up to 5 years.

Some new Element TVs may stop working before 2 years. Like many cheap brands, Element TVs don’t last decades.

A customer reviewed his Element TV on Consumer Affairs. His Element TV had issues at 1 year and 5 months and broke by 1 year and 6 months.

A customer bought an Element 70” Roku Smart TV in June 2020. By February 7, 2023, it had no picture or sound, lasting almost 3 years.

Element’s customer service is not good

The Better Business Bureau (BBB) reports many negative reviews for Element Electronics.

Many people say their customer service is not good. The Better Business Bureau gives Element Electronics an A+ business rating. However, their customer review rating is only 1.21 out of 5 stars.

Consumer Affairs gives Element Electronics a better score: 3.4 out of 5 from 417 reviews.

If you buy an Element TV, register it within 90 days. If not, the 2-year warranty will become only one year.

Some customers said that even after registering, Element Electronics didn’t honor the warranty.

“Purchased a TV in November 2021 with a 2-year warranty. Registered and confirmed 2-year warranty. The TV screen went out after lines and then black. Contacted their customer service via email in March 2023, completed unsuccessful troubleshooting, and 22 days later still no TV and last email from them says it’s not under warranty (I emailed proof and have a copy of their warranty) and they closed the case. It is unacceptable customer service and now I can’t get a call back. Breach of warranty contract. I wanted it replaced, but now I want a full refund because I don’t want to support a company that is refusing to honor warranties.”

– Kamera from Fort Myers, Florida

Some customers say Element Electronics avoids taking responsibility for faulty products. If you can, spend extra on reliable TV brands like Samsung, and Sony, or directly from Roku.

I never faced issues with my Element TVs, but you might experience poor customer service from Element Electronics.

Element Electronics’ customer service is not very reliable.

Final verdict

While Element TVs are far from perfect, they offer acceptable picture quality with a good contrast ratio, basic HDR support, and a solid smart TV experience.

However, the input lag is quite high. These TVs are fine for a kids’ room or any place where top picture quality isn’t a priority.

Would I recommend Element as a TV brand? No, but I wouldn’t judge someone for buying one if that’s what they can afford.

You can find better brands in the same price range. I think of TCL and Insignia, but I’d choose TCL first. Ultimately, it’s a device that displays images and produces sound.

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