Element TV Keeps Saying Run Channel Auto Scan (SOLVED)

If your Element TV keeps saying please run channel auto scan, here are two things you can do.

1. Change the input source to HDMI

If your Element TV displays the “please run channel auto scan” message, it might be due to a change in the input source, either from a reboot or accidental adjustment.

You might be using a satellite receiver or an HDMI streaming device. You’ll need to change the input source back to where the device is plugged in.

Check the back of your Element TV to see where the satellite receiver or streaming device is connected. It might be plugged into HDMI 1, HDMI 2, or HDMI 3.

Press the ‘Source’ button on the universal remote control to open a menu. Use the arrows to navigate through each input source until you find the desired one.

A diagram of an Element TV remote controller that shows the different functions of each buttons.

If your satellite receiver or streaming device is connected to HDMI 3, select the ‘HDMI 3’ input. Press ‘OK’ to confirm and start streaming.

If you’re without the universal remote, the TV’s physical buttons can serve the purpose. Restart your TV and when the logo shows, press the ‘Channel’ and ‘Menu’ buttons together.

The four different ports on the side of an Element TV.

On the ‘Settings’ menu, scroll to the ‘Input’ option using the channel buttons. Use the ‘Select’ button on the TV to change the input. Remember, ignore the channel scan message.

Instead, change the input source to the HDMI option that matches your satellite receiver or streaming device.

2. Unplug the Element TV from the socket

After setting the input source to the correct HDMI option, your Element TV might display “no signal.” You need to reboot the TV and also the satellite box or streaming device.

To reset your Element TV, unplug it from the wall socket while it’s still turned on. It’s different from switching the TV on and off using the remote control.

If you have an HDMI streaming device, unplug it from the TV before the TV starts rebooting. If you’re using a satellite receiver, unplug the power cord from its back and wait at least 20 seconds before reconnecting it. Wait at least a minute for your Element TV to reboot.

Then, plug the power cord into the wall socket and turn the TV on. Use the ‘Source’ button on the universal remote to select the correct HDMI input. Check if the issue is resolved.

Your Element TV should no longer display the “please run channel auto scan” message.

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