Is Spotify Safe For Credit and Debit Cards?

In short: Spotify is safe for both credit and debit cards. Before charging you with a monthly payment, your bank will verify your identity to prevent fraudulent transactions.

Are you wondering whether Spotify is safe for either your credit or debit card? In this article, let’s talk about the recommended payment methods for Spotify and discuss their safety.

What credit and debit cards does Spotify accept?

Spotify accepts credit or debit cards from all major banks (American Express, Capital One, Discover, Mastercard, Visa) as the payment method for Premium plans.

Is Spotify safe for credit cards?

It is safe to use your credit card for Spotify. When you start a recurring payment for Spotify on your credit card, your bank might ask you to authenticate the transaction for additional security.

Most of the time, Spotify will charge your credit card a small amount to authenticate your purchase. You won’t be charged until your bank has verified your identity.

Credit card information is normally stored in a PCI-DSS-compliant encrypted database. Many PCI level 1 providers do a great job of protecting card data and making recurring payments safe.

Should I put Spotify on my credit card?

Media streaming services, like Spotify, encourage you to pay with a credit card. Because it is safe and there are no fees, Spotify’s monthly payment is perfect to put on your credit card.

What if I cancel Spotify before the monthly payment date?

If you cancel the subscription before it “auto-renews” then your credit card is not charged. Else, it auto-renews which means the next month’s charge is made to your credit card automatically.

Does Spotify affect credit scores?

Spotify credit card payments do not affect your credit score because they do not send reports about missed payments. The payment is prepaid, which means it is due by a certain date.

When you don’t have enough funds on your account, Spotify will attempt to try again in a few days, and eventually, your account will revert to free.

Is Spotify safe for debit cards?

It is safe to use your debit card for Spotify, although most media streaming services encourage you to make monthly payments using a credit card because it is safer.

Unlike credit cards, debit card payments are taken instantly from your checking account, which means shopping online comes with the added risk that your information may be stolen.

Once someone has access to your debit card information, that person could essentially empty out your bank account very quickly. This is why some people use only credit cards online.

A fraudulent credit card transaction takes more time for your bank to process and can become an item of dispute rather than an instant removal of cash from your checking account.

What debit card details do I need for Spotify Premium?

The debit card details you need to enter for Spotify Premium are the card number, expiry date, security code, and zip code. Once entered, you will be prompted to verify your identity.

Does Spotify save my card details?

While Spotify does not save your card details, they are collected and stored by third-party payment processors. Don’t worry though, everything is secured.

Here is an excerpt from Spotify’s Privacy Policy:

“When you sign up for a Trial or any of our Paid Subscriptions (as defined in the Terms and Conditions of Use), or make other purchases through the Service, your credit card information and other financial data that we need to process your payment are collected and stored by third-party payment processors, and we may collect some limited information, such as your postal code and details of your transaction history.”

– Spotify Privacy Policy

If you make additional purchases using the information they’ve stored, these third-party payment processors will provide Spotify with some limited information related to you.

Should I use credit or debit Spotify?

If you have a credit card, use it for Spotify payments because it is safer than using a debit card.

Credit card payments are safer than debit card payments because any fraudulent transaction made using your debit card leads to funds being deducted directly from your bank account.

How to update or change Spotify payment details

To update or change your Spotify payment details, log in to your account page. Under “Your plan” click UPDATE next to your payment method, then enter a new payment method.

If your plan is with a partner company, like your phone or internet provider, they manage your payments. You’ll need to speak to them about anything payment related.

To check who your provider is, or to reach out to them directly, go to your Account overview page then scroll down to “Your plan”. Click the contact link under Payment.

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