Spotify Pay by Mobile Not Working? (Solved)

Spotify pay by mobile is a safe payment method because it requires text message confirmation. This means that physical access to your phone is needed to create a transaction.

Spotify will send you a PIN via text message to confirm your payment.

However, some people get this message “Oops, something went wrong. Please try again or contact our support team.” when trying to pay for a subscription using a phone number.

Here are a few reasons why Spotify pay by mobile is not working.

1. You’ve entered the incorrect phone number

You will need to enter your phone number to pay for Spotify with your mobile. Make sure you have entered the correct mobile phone number, otherwise it won’t work.

Make sure you select the correct mobile network provider too. If you enter the correct mobile phone number, you should see a green check mark next to your number.

Once entered, Spotify will send you a PIN via text message to confirm your payment.

While it sounds simple, many people have failed to enter their correct mobile phone number. Be sure to double-check your phone number before confirming to make sure it goes through.

2. You don’t have enough credit on your mobile phone account 

If you have entered the correct phone number, check whether you have enough credit on your mobile account or not. If you don’t have funds, you cannot pay for Spotify via mobile.

Most service providers have apps to check your balance. If not, try reaching out to your service provider to make sure you have enough funds to renew your subscription through them.

If you have funds, but it’s still not working, reach out to Spotify so they can get a closer look. You can also contact them on Twitter or Facebook with your account info.

3. You’ve used your number on a different account

Have you used your number on another Spotify account? Customer support told me it’s not possible to use one phone number on multiple accounts to pay for Spotify Premium.

You can only have 1 active subscription per mobile phone number.

Additionally, it’s not possible to resubscribe to Spotify using your phone number if you have already subscribed in the past and it has been less than one year.

Since you’ve granted Spotify consent to charge against your phone bill, you will need to wait for at least one year before you can use the same phone number again.

If your number has been used in the past or is currently being used to pay for another account, you can register a new mobile phone number or use a different payment method.

4. Temporary connection problem

Sometimes, it’s not your fault. It could be a temporary internet connection problem. If you have tried everything, the best thing you can do is to wait a few days and try again.

Alternatively, you can try paying Spotify via mobile in a private or incognito window, since there might have been a temporary connection problem. Clearing the browser cache also helps.

5. Last resort: try a different payment method

When all else fails, try paying Spotify with a different payment method. A lot of people choose to pay with a credit or debit card because it is a safe method that requires no hassle.

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